Top 3 Benefits
Consumers and dealers love a fast sales and finance experience
Inviting your customers to validate their income and residence using a text link with TurboPass avoids the hassles and time spent gathering, storing, faxing, emailing, and uploading sensitive documents for buyers, sellers and lenders.
 Dealers get funded faster
With a growing list of participating lenders, your sub-prime funding delays can become a thing of the past. We've seen our dealers reduce their average CIT days from 3-10 days down to a few hours and even minutes when using TurboPass. 
Red-Flag risks are drastically reduced
TurboPass keeps sub-prime "stips" digitally and securely stored for viewing by only the parties that need to know. No more sensitive paper documents flowing through your busy sales location from department to department. Managers and lender partners can easily view the information needed to complete their tasks with confidence and speed. 
Get to the Truth - Roll More Deals!
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